The Storytelling Process

You will be surprised at how easy it is to produce your life story with Storytelling Productions. We do all the hard work! All you have to do is enjoy the experience of being interviewed and check through the various drafts. Before you know it, your story will be preserved in a beautifully bound book for future generations to read and enjoy. Here's how it's done.

A deposit is required before your first interview. A questionnaire will be sent for you to complete and return before your first interview.

Interviews are usually conducted in your home, office or where ever it is convenient. Telephone interviews can be arranged. Our interviewing style is relaxed and conversational, starting from your earliest memories and moving through each phase of your life chronologically. All interviews are digitally recorded and broadcast quality. Allow two hours for each interview. On average, two interviews with follow-up telephone calls are required to capture your story. Photographs are selected during this time.

Drafts to Pre-press
Your interviews are transcribed then skillfully edited, transforming your spoken word into a writen format, retaining your unique personal narrative - your story stays in the first person. Photographs are added and the book is designed with chapter headings. Usually three draft manuscripts are sent to you to review, make changes and additions. The manuscript is proofread several times. A two-interview story with 10 pages of photographs translates into about 60 to 100 A4 pages. Once the Final Draft has been approved, your story is at the pre-press stage, ready to be printed.

Printing and Binding
Your story is digitally printed on archival paper and bound by our bookbinder using archival quality materials. Covers are available in a wide colour range of classical and contemporary cloths and leathers. Hand marbled or parchment papers are used for end papers. The title lettering is gilded on both cover and spine. Each book has a silk ribbon bookmark and matching headband. Paperbacks are available.

Costs & Timeframe
As every Storytelling Production is different the following prices should be used as a guide only. We endeavor to work to individual budgets and are happy to provide single elements of the storytelling process. To pre-press stage, the cost for interviewing, transcription, editing, design, scanning photographs, manipulation and placement of images within the text, captions, chapter headings and proof reading is approximately A$10,000. The cost of printing and binding an 80 page hard cover book is approximately A$120 per book. Multiple copies can be ordered. Allow three months for an 'average' story.

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