Life Stories

Life Stories

Knowledge of our personal history helps us to understand who we are. Older family members are often the keepers of our family story and once they are gone, so is our history. Oral history is a time capsule that preserves stories of a different time and place, from a uniquely personal perspective.

Not so long ago...
People sang, whistled and told stories. Children played marbles and wrote on a slate. Monday was washing day. Fresh food was seasonal. Clothes were hand-sewn. String was recycled. A family picnic was an important social occasion.

Reflecting on the journey
We move through life in stages. Significant life stages include school years, experiencing a world war, working and leaving home, marriage, having a family, community involvement, creative pursuits and travel. Every life is an individual journey.
Reflecting on the journey helps us clarify the important things.

Making it easy
Storytelling Productions will document your life story as a permanent oral history record. This is achieved through skillful interviewing, in a relaxed style that captures both the life journey and the inner qualities that make every person unique. Your story is taped, edited and professionally designed as a book with photographs and other important documents. Printed on archival paper and beautifully bound in cloth, leather or as a paperback, your story will become a valuable piece of family history, providing knowledge, inspiration and a sense of identity for future generations.