Business & Organisation Biographies

Business Biographies

Documenting expertise and knowledge
We produce biographies focusing on the formation, growth and development of a business or organisation. We document personal expertise, knowledge and skill in a narrative that will augment your company's intellectual capital. Not only valuable as an archival reference, these histories provide access to the ideas, motivations, goals and strategies that shaped your organisation's evolution and success.

Motivate and inspire
As a motivational resource, a business biography offers insights, perspective and reflection that will be lost if not recorded. The collective memory of your organisation is comprised of individual journeys. By documenting these narratives others will appreciate the origins and dynamics of your organisation and consequently, feel a lasting connection to it.

Making connections
A business biography is the perfect marketing tool because it communicates your history and links it to the present. We combine all the elements of your story - the founding ideas and goals, the business context, the highs and lows, humourous encounters, achievements, key people, reviews, challenges, ethics and philosophy. Your clients will understand what you stand for because they will know where you've come from.

We produce business stories professionally, sensitively, thoroughly and confidentially. Most importantly, you will enjoy the process. Beautifully designed and printed, bound in leather, cloth or produced as a paperback, your Storytelling Productions business biography will make a lasting impression.